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  • Fusion Black Truffle Sea Salt Pinch Pouch

    Savory, aromatic and distinctive, Fusion® Black Truffle Sea Salt is an exquisite combination of treasured Italian black truffles and natural sea salt. One of the most coveted and illustrious ingredients...
  • Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt Pinch Pouch Salt
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    Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt Pinch Pouch

    Made with pure Pacific sea salt and activated charcoal derived from coconut shells, Hiwa Kai Sea Salt is an exotic, sultry sea salt reminiscent of the famous black sand beaches...
  • Salish Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt Pinch Pouch

    Inspired by centuries of indigenous Pacific Northwest tradition, Salish® Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt by Artisan® is cold smoked for 48 hours over Northwest alder using SaltWorks® proprietary smoking technique. It is...
  • Exotic SaltWorks Trial Pack - 6 Salts (As seen on Salty Tales YouTube Channel ) Salt Combo
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    Exotic SaltWorks Trial Pack - 6 Salts (As seen on Salty Tales YouTube Channel )

    Our friend Salty Tales featured some of our products in a YouTube video. You watched the video, now try the same salts yourself! Or maybe you haven't. You can check out the...
  • Pacific Blue Flake Sea Salt Pinch Pouch

     A staple for every salt selection, Pacific Blue® Kosher Flake Sea Salt by SaltWorks® is an all-natural kosher flake sea salt, produced from the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean....
  • Fleur De Sel French Flower of Salt Pinch Pouch

    Delicate, moist and beautiful, Fleur de Sel is known as “the caviar of salts” by chefs around the world. The quintessential finishing salt choice for fine foods and used by...
  • Cyprus Flake Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes Pinch Pouch

    Produced off the coast of Cyprus from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the sparkling pyramid-shaped crystals of Cyprus Flake Sea Salt by Artisan® are uncommonly large, surprisingly robust white...
  • Yakima Applewood Smoked Sea Salt Pinch Pouch

    One of the most popular woods for smoking due to its light flavor notes & aroma, aged apple wood has a subtly sweet, fragrant smoke that shines in our Yakima®...
  • Alaea Red Hawaiian-Style Pinch Pouch

    Alaea Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt is an all-natural combination of pure, solar-evaporated sea salt from the Pacific Ocean and purified alae clay, harvested from the island of Kauai. One of our...
  • Snowflake Salt Pacific Northwest Sea Salt Pinch Pouch

    Snowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt is specifically crafted by SaltWorks® to be the best gourmet finishing salt available. From the cold, clean waters of the Pacific Northwest, the white, shimmering...
  • Sel Gris French Grey Sea Salt (Fine Grain) Pinch Pouch

    One of the most iconic artisanal hand-harvested salts, Sel Gris French Grey Sea Salt is a popular and well-liked gourmet salt that comes in varying shades of grey. Harvested by...
  • Pure Ocean Premium Sea Salt Pinch Pouch

    Pure Ocean® Atlantic Sea Salt by SaltWorks® is sea salt the way that nature intended—clean, fresh and all natural. Harvested off the coast of Brazil, only the purest salt water...
  • Flor Blanca Mexican Sea Salt Pinch Pouch

    Hand-harvested from the Salinas, or salt farms, of beautiful coastal Manzanillo, Mexico, Flor Blanca Sea Salt is a delicate salt with a moist, fluffy texture. Similar to the texture of...
  • White Wolf Spice Company Gift Card

    Give the gift of amazing tasting food to all your friends and family with a White Wolf Spice Company gift card
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