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  • In the Woods Smoked Sea Salt Combo Salt
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    In the Woods Smoked Sea Salt Combo

    If you don't own a smoker but still want that distinctive smokey taste, The Woods Smoked Sea Salt Combo will be your best friend. Featuring hickory, mesquite, applewood, and alderwood smoked salts,...
  • Hey Grill Hey Combo - Beef, Chicken, Sweet Rubs

    You won't regret getting all three of these.  One each of the 11.5oz Sweet rub, 11oz Beef rub and 9.5oz Chicken rub. This will cover all your BBQ needs, and...
  • The Essentials Sea Salt Pack

    Just your every day essential salts here. This combo includes: -1 Pacific Blue Kosher Flake Sea Salt 3oz Shaker -1 Fleur De Sel French Flower of Salt 5.5oz Shaker -1...
  • The Shake and Grind Combo

    One shaker, one grinder. Together they make up the perfect combination of finishing salts for any recipe. Use for a fabulous finish to steaks, chops, roasts, vegetables or anything else you're...
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