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Bring out the best in foods with the satisfying heat of chipotle. Sun-dried chipotle peppers and California sea salt. Combined, they make for a deeply satisfying finishing salt with just the right amount of lasting heat with rich and smoky chipotle flavor. This is one of our favorite finishing salts -- something about the refreshing simplicity of the ingredients and powerful taste that it brings makes it one of those ingredients that we're always reaching for when cooking.

Ingredients: Sea salt, chipotle peppers

Size: 3.1 oz

Use this on:

seafood pork fish beef vegetables poultry

Note: All the Gustus Vitae salts and seasonings come in this amazingly innovative magnetic-bottomed shaker jar too!

Customer Reviews

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These salts are amazing

I have loved all the variety of salts that I have gotten from White Wolf. I love this one with a milder heat than some of the others. It allows me to vary the heat without sacrificing flavor.

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