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While it might sound simple, it actually took a long time to get the ratios of this all-natural gourmet sea salt just right: combining a biting heat that doesn't overpower, and a rich smokiness that doesn't overwhelm to create the ultimate in spicy, salty, smoky goodness.

This one has it all. Sure, you could go for straight spicy, or deep smokiness, but why not combine it all, but in subtle perfection. The Gustus Vitae Spicy Smoked Sea Salt has all the deep, smoky flavors of the Ancho Chile Sea Salt and the bold spiciness of the Red Cayenne Sea Salt in one package.

Ingredients: Sea salt, cayenne, ancho chili

Size: 2.5 oz

Use this on:

seafood pork fish beef vegetables poultry

Note: All the Gustus Vitae salts and seasonings come in this amazingly innovative magnetic-bottomed shaker jar too!

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