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Are you fed up with having food that tastes like a salt lick with pepper and garlic? If so, this is the rub for you. Notice how far down the list of ingredients the salt is. It can be used on just about anything too! Due to the lower salt content than most other rubs, we recommend this for when you're dry-brining meat and don't need the additional salt. 

Ingredients: sumac, paprika, sugar, onion, garlic, kosher sea salt, mustard, spices, spice natural flavors 

Size: 4.5 oz

Use this on:

seafood pork fish beef vegetables poultry

Customer Reviews

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Good Combo of Spices

J. Christopher Co. The Rub is a good combination of spices that taste good and that does not overpower the food even when sprinkling on generously. I use it on all variety of meats, salads, and noodles.

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