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Bonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt by SaltWorks® is the ultimate all-natural smoked sea salt for a robust, smoky flavor. Using our Pacific Northwest-harvested Snowflake® Sea Salt and our proprietary real-wood smoking process, Bonfire Extra Bold is cold smoked with a blend of seven carefully selected kinds of wood for 14 days to create a hearty, smokehouse taste.

Ingredients: Smoked sea salt

Pinch Pouch: The re-sealable pinch pouch is an ideal way to introduce you to the world of gourmet sea salts. Offering a small sample, these pouches hold approximately a tablespoon of salt. 

Use this on:

seafood pork fish beef vegetables poultry

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Envelope Destroyed

Because they are only in a regular envelope when the post office was sorting they came to me shredded. Maybe use bubble envelopes. Other than that great taste. Thank you.

We're sorry for the inconvenience, we hope your item was still usable though! Due to your input, we've decided not to ship items that way any longer. Please reach out to info@whitewolfspiceo.com if you had any trouble with being able to use your item due to the way it was received and we can replace it for you. Thanks!
Double the flavor

At 1st the color made me think it was a coffee rub or salt. It isnt, its alot better. It has an amazing smoked flavor. You can taste the hints of smokiness. It's not over powering , but has a great amount of flavor and smell. I put this on a Bone in Beef Steak, then did a smoke grill myself. The heat melted down some of the salt and the Bone on the beef added flavor to the salt making a Go To for any bone in meats we do at 2 Smokin Fat Guys BBQ.....


I received a dm from the gang at White Wolf spice co. Stating the wanted to offer me one if there Salt packs for following them... I picked which one I wanted and bam I received a confirmation email that it was on its way ..
I used my my extra bold smoked salt this past weekend as a finishing salt for some bone in rib eyes ..
Amazing flavor and quality !!! My friends wanted to know where I got it... I finally told them but only after they bought a few rounds of good whiskey!
You guys ROCK. Thank you
And you will be receiving an order from me shortly

Thank you again
Your newest customer !!


Trying the different salts

Used this on my egg and ham sandwich. Added a great smokiness and just a little heat

Great aroma even better taste!

This stuff right out of the gate was an A+ for me. Seasoned up some steaks and it was absolutely the best salt i have used to date. Great aroma and even better flavor! 5 Stars!

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