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Made with pure Pacific sea salt and activated charcoal derived from coconut shells, Hiwa Kai Sea Salt is an exotic, sultry sea salt reminiscent of the famous black sand beaches of Hawaii. Easy to use to add a dramatic finish to any meal, Hiwa Kai is a perfect finishing salt on seafood, grilled pork, or the rim of a drink.

Size: 0.4 oz (1tbsp)

Ingredients: Sea salt and activated charcoal (derived from coconut shells)

Pinch Pouch: The re-sealable pinch pouch is an ideal way to introduce you to the world of gourmet sea salts. Offering a small sample, these pouches hold approximately a tablespoon of salt. 

Use this on:

seafood pork fish beef vegetables poultry

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Over eggs

Not just your average salt! I use this salt on so many different foods from meat to eggs and all in between! Course and flavorful, it’s amazing

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