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One of the most iconic artisanal hand-harvested salts, Sel Gris French Grey Sea Salt is a popular and well-liked gourmet salt that comes in varying shades of grey. Harvested by hand from clay-lined salt ponds in the Guérande region of France, Sel Gris is a crystalline salt that retains much of its natural moisture. Sel Gris is world renowned as an adaptable, premium gourmet salt that is an essential component in any salt selection. Sought out by consumers around the globe, this is an ideal salt for customers to use on an everyday basis, from replacing their traditional table salts to finishing gourmet meals and topping chocolates with a sprinkle.

Size: 0.4 oz (1 tbsp)

Ingredients: Sea salt

Pinch Pouch: The re-sealable pinch pouch is an ideal way to introduce you to the world of gourmet sea salts. Offering a small sample, these pouches hold approximately a tablespoon of salt. 

Use this on:

seafood pork fish beef vegetables poultry

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