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One of the most delicious smoked salts available, Wildfire® is a flavorful combination of our crisp & clean flakey Snowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt with fresh garlic and rosemary, all gently smoked over our hand-selected Pecan wood. Crafted using SaltWorks® proprietary production techniques, all-natural Wildfire is the perfect, put-it-on-everything seasoning. Refreshingly aromatic and earthy, this herbaceous blend brings authentic herbal flavor and warm, toasted smokiness to every dish. The perfect texture for finishing, the mild smoke flavor of this variety is a hit with a wide range of consumers and tastes.

Ingredients: Smoked sea salt, garlic, and rosemary.

Pinch Pouch: The re-sealable pinch pouch is an ideal way to introduce you to the world of gourmet sea salts. Offering a small sample, these pouches hold approximately a tablespoon of salt. 

Use this on:

seafood pork fish beef vegetables poultry

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic smoked sea salt

Adds incredible flavor to burgers, chicken and steak. Fantastic product. Will be ordering more!!

Herbs, herbs and sea salt

Again, we were not disappointed. We put the Herb salt on Ny Strips. The Kids and Wife loved the flavors. The subtle hints of Garlic and Rosemary, made for a extremely enjoyable my strip. I took the herb and sea salt and added to some fresh garlic and rosemary that we topped the steaks with, and my kids asked where we ordered the steak is if it was from that fancy place I worked..... Nope White Wolf Spice Company, is putting out 5 star quality products and were excited to try more

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