1 (or more) racks of baby back ribs

Yellow mustard

Three Little Pigs Touch of Cherry rub

1 jar maraschino cherries

3 small pats of butter (or squeeze butter)

3 tbsp brown sugar

BBQ sauce of choice (I used Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ)


Trim the ribs of excess fat and silver skin and remove membrane from reverse side.

Slather in yellow mustard as a base coating.

Liberally apply TLP Touch of Cherry rub to all sides.


Smoke the ribs at 225° with fruit wood pellets using 3-1-1 method:

Place the ribs on the smoker for 3 hours without peeking

Remove and tightly double wrap in foil - in the foil put 2-3 small pats of butter, 3 tbsp brown sugar, 4 tbsp of maraschino cherry juice, a few cut up cherries, and 1 tsp Touch of Cherry rub - then place back on the grill/smoker for 1 additional hour

Remove again and unwrap from foil (saving the foil/juices) and apply BBQ sauce of choice mixed with more maraschino cherry juice then put back on grill/smoker for 1 more hour.


Rewrap in foil and let rest for 10 min before slicing and eating